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Project Implementation and Work Packages:

During the overall project implementation period from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2020, the following work packages have been planned and will be conducted within the ALBINO-project:

Work Package Lead Partner
WP1: Project Management
WP2: Development and Manufacturing of Study Medication
ACE Pharmaceuticals
WP3: Central Study Coordination
WP4: Data Management, Biometry and Monitoring
WP5: Patient Recruitment, Outcome assessment and Data Entry
TU Dresden
WP6: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Anlaysis
UMC Utrecht
WP7: Biomarkers – aEEG, quantitative multichannel EEG analyses, biochemical marker S100B, peroxidation products
HU Helsinki
WP8: Pharmacokinetics
KU Leuven
WP9: Pharmacovigilance
ACE Pharmaceuticals
WP10: Dissemination
TU Dresden

The Albino Project